Top Off Your Home With a New Roof

Top Off Your Home With a New Roof

Arrange for a roof replacement from us in Rowlett, TX

Don't let your roof fall apart on you. If you suspect you need a roof replacement, reach out to Roof 2 Roof. We'll inspect your roof to determine whether you need a full replacement or if minor repairs will suffice. Our level of experience and competitive pricing set us apart.

We work with many different roofing materials, such as:

  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Wood shake
  • Concrete/clay tiles
  • Asphalt shingles

Contact us today to request a roof replacement in Rowlett, TX.

Update your home with a metal roof replacement

Is your metal roof rusting away? You might need a metal roof replacement. We'll take care of the metal roof installation you need so you can be safe and sound no matter what. We can work on commercial roofs including seamless, self-flashing and monolithic roofs.

Call now to schedule your metal roof replacement in Rowlett, TX.